A Leader that Inspires Me

Original Spanish version published in El Comercio newspaper (Peru) on June 10, 2018

I want a leader to inspire me, to show me the way, to tell me where we are going and why it is good to get there, and, above all, to tell me clearly what I have to do to get there together.

I want a leader who has a clear vision, one for which I will not hesitate to do my utmost to make it real, one that he/she repeats to me until I make it my own.

 I want a leader that gives me hope, that makes me see the light at the end of the tunnel, that tells me that everything will turn out okay, that tomorrow will be better than today, and that if I follow the path set out, I will achieve the vision that inspires me, feeling him/her at my side along the way.

 I want a leader that encourages me to dream about the possibilities of a better future for me, my family, my people, my country; that inspires my children to trust that this is where opportunities can be found, and that it is worth staying here or coming back for them; that helps me visualize these opportunities and to know how to focus on the path that will make them a reality.

 I want a leader that is no afraid of leading, standing his ground or confronting things in order to do the right thing; that is strong; that leads by conviction, not for popularity, the polls, social networks, or to keep the trolls quiet.

I want a leader that has no fears or that has past misdeeds that go against our shared vision –that does not live trapped by old debts or dubious commitments–, and, above all, that will not abandon me to my fate or give up when the going gets tough.

 I want a coherent leader that practices what he/she preaches, that lives his/her values and is not afraid to defend them. A leader that is modest, transparent, and does not lead for his/her ego or that believes he/she is the center of the universe, but rather has a personal mission of dedication and service to others.

 I want an ambitious leader –not in order to get rich or to achieve personal glory, but to lead me by conviction and guide me towards the vision we share and long for.

 I want a leader with the courage to prevail over the corrupt, the abusive, the liars, the petty, and all those who clearly only think about their egos or their wallets without ever thinking about the common good.

 I don’t want a leader that lies to me, that makes things up. Instead, I want one that takes care of problems without constantly blaming others for them; that has enough talent to train and lead a team of qualified and ethical experts to accompany him/her in the task and know how to be loyal to him/her.

 I want a leader that does not lose sight of the vision and goals; that does not allow him/herself to be captured by topics that are in vogue, by negativism, or by the blindness of power.

 I want a leader that inspires me to bring the best out in myself to achieve the vision described to me and that I make my own; a leader that is not afraid to point out the challenges and problems along the path, and has faith in my will and ability to reach the visualized goal.

 I want a leader who inspires my respect and admiration for his/her serious, legitimate, and authentic commitment to our shared vision. That leader’s inspiration will ensure that we get there!

 I want a leader that inspires me to dream for me! Someone that is committed and encourages me to dream about the possibility of a better future, that inspires my respect and admiration. That is the leader I need –one that has a steadfast vision and conviction to help me visualize my own opportunities.

Someone who commits.

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El Comercio

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El Comercio

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