Say no to them!

Translation of the original article published July 23,  2016 on El Comercio (Perú).

Tired of so much negativity around you? Here are some ideas for you:

1.Say no to those who doubt your boldness to take risks. To move forward in your career or in business, you have to take risks. Everything comes at a cost, especially success. Easy or comfortable doesn’t cut it.

2.Say no to those who see only problems everywhere and never the opportunities in projects, changes, or new ideas. Don’t let their insecurity or negative attitude stop

3.Say no to those who can’t see how far your dreams or ambitions go. If they are so short-sighted, leave them behind. Don’t let anyone rob you of your energy to accomplish your goals and objectives and keep at it, with effort and tenacity.

4.Say no to those who only tell you of their problems and failures and play victim to avoid taking action. It’s good to be sympathetic and supportive, but not to be dragged down by those who have lost hope and given up. They will try to bring you down with them, because misery loves company.

5.Say no to those who won’t let you persevere. I have learnt that the good things are always preceded by problems – and, sometimes, by very big obstacles. The only way is to persevere, persist and keep trying.

6.Say no to those trying to feel superior to you. Whatever the arrogant or the conceited may say to look down on others is frivolous and inconsistent. Those who can’t deal with diversity are swallowed by losers like themselves.

7.Say no to those who are incapable of admiring or recognizing the achievement of others. Pettiness and selfishness come up with all sorts of obstacles to hinder those who move faster than them. The generosity of recognition is for true leaders with powerful souls, and there are very few of those. Validate yourself, that is enough.

8.Say no to negative people. Don’t fall for their hopelessness, their anguish and their discouragement, as gloomy as they may paint the future. They are closed to new possibilities and choices. Their future is cast by their defeatist attitudes.

9.Say no to those who live in fear and stay away from them, it’s contagious. Avoid them all the way if you can to prevent them from hacking your perception of reality. Besides, fear and anxiety deplete your energy and paralyze you.

10.Say no to those who want to stifle your development. If you work well, with intensity and passion and others try to stop you, don’t let them, even if they criticize you or make fun of you. If your strength or your results make them look small or lazy, it’s their problem, not yours.

11.Say no to those who only bad-mouth others to destroy projects, new ideas, reputations and even lives. Listening to them makes you an enabler and robs you of your energy to go on.

12.Say no to those who think of themselves as “realistic” and therefore don’t believe in your potential, your talent, your strength or your ideas. Don’t let them ever undermine your willpower. Wager on yourself, on your career and on your dreams, even if you only have your heart to back you up. Getting to the finish line is for the brave. The challenge is never to lose faith.

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