Ines Temple remains among the top 15 business leaders with the highest reputation in Peru

Published in Gestión newspaper, on 10/16/2019

For the fourth consecutive year, Ines Temple, Executive President of LHH DBM Peru and LHH Chile, remains among the top 15 business leaders with the highest reputation in Peru. She is also the second woman to lead the ranking, according to a study prepared by the Business Monitor of Corporate Reputation.

Temple is also the first recognized business leader with the highest reputation from the “consulting services” and she participates in the Merco Leaders ranking since its first edition, in 2012. Her book “YOU, Incorporated: Your Career is Your Business” is available in English for countries like Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Australia and recently South Asia region.

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The key is to reframe your attitude so that you don’t fall behind. Recognize your advantages and limitations in terms of the value you add to your employer and where you need to improve on your personal skills.

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