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Infographic: Stars of Your Personal Brand

Based on an article published in El Comercio newspaper (Peru) on May 09, 2015 View article When traveling, you remember and compare the experience you had at each hotel where you stayed.  I group them in three categories, regardless of how many stars they say they have.  The first category is for hotels where you feel that…
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Infographic: Thirteen Practical Ideas about Jobs

Based on an article published in El Comercio newspaper (Peru) on August 20, 2015 View article All jobs are temporary. They are never guaranteed. They can last months or years, but they only last for as long as both parties agree. They always change, and sometimes surprisingly. It’s vital always to be attentive to the market in…
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Infographic: How Can We Cultivate Our Charisma?

[caption id="attachment_11639" align="aligncenter" width="2359"] Father Infographics Lifestyle[/caption] Based on an article published in El Comercio newspaper (Peru) on September 07, 2014 View article Many people think charisma is for politicians and do very little to cultivate their own. However, they later find that they need it badly when they want to close an important deal,…
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