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‘You, Inc.’ Is the New Mandate

Originally published in careerbright.com on December 4, 2018 Rapid market changes and disruptive technologies are having an unsettling effect on the job market. They’ve resulted in a new paradigm that indicates the majority of us will not be part of a company’s staffing plans forever, whether we like it or not. In fact, the highest position of CEO,…
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Attitude Problems?

Remember that productivity and employability are intrinsically linked –the higher the level of employability, the higher the level of productivity, and vice versa.

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Considering What They Pay Me

Of course, this is a huge challenge to personal discipline, but we have to appeal to professional maturity and the value of our personal brand to contribute positively in any circumstance, even when we are not happy.

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Nothing Sells Better Than Enthusiasm

Original Spanish version published in America Economia  (Peru) on September 22, 2016  Many people are surprised when they cannot convince in job interviews. Why do not they choose me? What could be happening? Imagine that I want to work in your business and you interview me. Imagine that I sit before you half downcast and…
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Infographic: Stars of Your Personal Brand

Based on an article published in El Comercio newspaper (Peru) on May 09, 2015 View article When traveling, you remember and compare the experience you had at each hotel where you stayed.  I group them in three categories, regardless of how many stars they say they have.  The first category is for hotels where you feel that…
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