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Nothing Sells Better Than Enthusiasm

Original Spanish version published in America Economia  (Peru) on September 22, 2016 Many people are surprised when they can not convince in job interviews. Why do not they choose me? What could be happening? Imagine that I want to work in your business and you interview me. Imagine that I sit before you half downcast and in a very soft voice…

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9 Reasons You Didn’t Get Hired

Published April 26, 2016 on LHH.com  1. It may seem incredibly obvious, but you won’t get hired if you bad-mouth your previous employer. Or, even worse, if you say nasty things about your previous boss. You may think that you’re demonstrating how motivated you are to find a new job. Prospective employers will think that you’re hard to please and…

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Inés Temple: “Las empresas en Perú no trabajan temas de empleabilidad”

Publicado el 20/03/2018 en revistaganamas.com.pe Para Inés Temple, presidenta ejecutiva de LHH – DBM Perú, las empresas en el Perú aún no desarrollan estrategias que mejoren la empleabilidad por temor a que sus colaboradores renuncien. “Cinco años después hablando del Perú y de empleabilidad, encontramos todavía que las empresas no trabajan temas de empleabilidad. Sienten que ayudara sus colaboradores a…

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