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Nothing Sells Better Than Enthusiasm

Original Spanish version published in America Economia  (Peru) on September 22, 2016  Many people are surprised when they cannot convince in job interviews. Why do not they choose me? What could be happening? Imagine that I want to work in your business and you interview me. Imagine that I sit before you half downcast and in a very soft voice…

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Ten Serious Networking Mistakes

Original Spanish version published in El Comercio newspaper (Peru) on June 11, 2016 “I don’t like to make contacts” Making contacts is “the conscious and voluntary activity of establishing and maintaining genuine and long-term relationships with persons who we appreciate and respect.” It’s a part of living and interacting within a community and we do it every day. “Contacts are…

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Questions to Ask Ourselves

If you were patient enough to answer these questions and if you made the effort to write the answers, let me tell you that you are well on your way to making those visions of success and great professional and personal satisfaction come true.

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Do You Manage Your Relationship with Your Boss Well?

Original Spanish version published in Aptitus magazine, on May 9, 2018  It is common to see complicated boss/subordinate relationships. The causes are many: unfulfilled expectations, real injustices, or little or no recognition.  Living subjected to the unhappiness of a bad relationship with our boss is condemning ourselves to working unhappily, and if we are not happy with the work we…

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