YOU, Incorporated: Your Career is Your Business

Year: 2018
Publishing house: Nicholas Brealey
About the book: Organized into 5 digestible chapters, You, Incorporated is a practical guide to career success that zeroes in on 3 essential concepts that job-seekers, career builders and career changers need to know: No Job is Forever, Employability Equals Options, and Your Career is Your Business. Written by a career transition expert who has helped thousands find their own “job utopias,” readers will find a down-to-earth, accessible approach to becoming more valuable to current employers while developing long-term personal competitiveness to attract future employers and seize new opportunities!

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Being authentic requires showing yourself as you really are. It requires checking your ego at the door and not looking down on anyone. It requires courage and self-confidence, but also honesty and tact to “tell it like it is.”

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I receive letters from readers sharing how it helped them in their lives and careers. That was the point: I wanted to give inspiration, and I think the book accomplishes that.

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Originally published in Ellas Mujeres Empoderadas magazine on May 31, 2019 In this second chapter of Ellas, Mujeres Empoderadas, we moved to the beautiful neighborhood of San Isidro to meet our second interviewee, Inés Temple. A woman and unique businesswoman with a career and undeniable career. More…