Infographic: 10 Things Employable People Do Not Do

Based on an article published in Aptitus magazine (Peru) on March 11, 2014

  • You will not be hired if you speak ill of your previous employer or say unkind things about your former boss. If you were disloyal to someone, wouldn’t you be disloyal to others?


  • If you lie or interviewers find inaccuracies in your resume, they will immediately begin distrusting you.


  • If when you are asked “what do you know about us” you answer that you know little about the organization, the first thing interviewers will think is that you are not at all interested in them.


  • If ethics or values are discussed and your position on ethical conduct is unclear or you fail to firmly defend your values, you will not be hired.


  • If you cannot clearly say why you want to work with the organization, or if the reason you give is vague (or solely financial), you definitely will not be hired.


  • If you say you cannot speak another language –justifying it by saying your school did not teach a second language–, you will be showing them that you are not interested in further learning, and that is why you will not be hired.


  • If you are not a reader, they will assume that you will be unable to go beyond the obvious in search of answers to important questions in business and life.


  • If they ask about your defects, areas of opportunity, or weaknesses and you say you do not have any or that you do not know what they are, they will not hire you.


  • If they ask about mistakes you have made and, instead of accepting them and telling them what you have learned from them, you justify those mistakes or try to make excuses, they will doubt your maturity or honesty.


  • If you do not know what your achievements have been or if you are unable to quantify them, it will very hard for the interviewers to determine the actual value you are able to add to the organization.