Infographic: Eleven Ways to Inspire

Based on an article published in El Comercio newspaper (Peru) on December 22, 2015

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  1. I am inspired by people who feel enthusiastic about their job, their life, or their family, and they transmit their enthusiasm and good energy to me. Being with people who are passionate about what they do makes me feel good, and they are the example I need to get fired up to do my best in what I do too.
  2. I am inspired by people who are capable of pointing out possibilities that I had not considered, that I thought were unattainable, or that I never dared to dream of or expected. This inspiration is powerful and works as a major driving force of my development and growth.
  3. I am inspired by people who believe in me and make me feel worthy, accepted, and approved, and who, if I make a mistake or if things don’t turn out well the first time, point this out saying “it didn’t go well this time” or “you will do better next time.” I am especially inspired when they trust my ability to learn, change, and improve!
  4. I am very much inspired by anyone who conveys an optimistic view of the future that makes sense to me. If in that view I can envision the opportunities or possibilities that I will have and what these will mean to me, I make that vision my own quickly and completely, and I strive for it.
  5. I am much inspired by people who try to see the best in me, and focus on that when dealing with me. And if they see me that way from day one, assuming that I always give the best of me, that attitude drives me to live up to the good image that they already have of me and my reputation.
  6. I am inspired when any problem that may arise is set out transparently before me, with emphasis on possible solutions and especially on what is expected of me. This shows me that I have been considered –that I am valued and respected– which helps me feel capable of handling the problems and doing what has to be done to solve them!
  7. I am inspired by serious people and who have values; who do not lie to me or use me for their own purposes or to cover up their mistakes. I am inspired by those who place the common good above their ego, as hard as it may be.
  8. I am inspired by those who can resist the temptation to be negative and do not pay heed to those who gossip to hide their own frustrations –those who only see bad in others inspire no one, they achieve nothing, they are worth nothing. I am inspired by those who happily celebrate the success of others because this is how they show their own strength and greatness. I enjoy their company and they give me energy.
  9. I am inspired when someone who brings about changes explains to me, step by step, patiently, and well in advance, how these changes will affect me (hopefully, not for long), or, even better, how they will benefit me. I am most inspired by being told that they need me to implement the changes!
  10. I am inspired by the boss or leader who is capable of showing me his or her vulnerability –I can identify with them immediately. When I can relate their weaknesses to mine, I cease to be afraid of these fears, and this new confidence brings out the best in me.
  11. I am inspired by people who know where they are going, strive joyfully to accomplish their goals, and are determined to accomplish what they set out to do and do it enthusiastically and with anticipation. I want to be like them, get to where they have gotten, and follow their example to the winners’ circle!

El Comercio

The new normal is complex and challenging. Our best positive attitude will be decisive for us to adapt well, improve our professional profile, and move forward faster without looking back.

El Comercio

Original Spanish version published in  El Comercio newspaper on April 26, 2020 When this is all over, and it will be, many people will come out of it transformed. The crisis will have served to discover their true character, their grit and inner strength. And with that…

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