Seven Reasons to Work Intensely

Original Spanish version published in El Comercio newspaper (Peru)  on August 20, 2016 

I find people who question the importance of working intensely. To me, this is the only way to accomplish goals, grow and move forward in life. I hope the following ideas will encourage more than one of you to rethink your work ethic.

1.Results come more naturally to those who put their heart and soul into what they do. Decorated athletes and successful entrepreneurs, as so many other outstanding professionals, go through the experience of working at the limits of their capacity on a daily basis. To move mountains and build something significant we have to devote our full energy to the task. The intensity we put into our work – which is not the same as being a workaholic – makes all the difference in helping us go faster, further or achieve more. It’s not about the hours we put in but the dedication, strength and passion with which we do so that defines the kind of results we accomplish.

2.The satisfaction of “working your butt off” for a goal generates a lot of adrenaline and a feeling unlike any other. Many people say that the best time in their lives was when they worked with a level of intensity and passion they didn’t think they had in them.

3.Competition increasingly requires us to work intensely. The job market is full of bold, innovative, ambitious and highly driven people. Also, there are now many foreigners where we live and work who are used to working under much more demanding conditions than us. Working intensely is the only way to shine, stand out, differentiate ourselves and, most of all, keep our competitive edge in an increasingly competitive labor market.

4.The energy generated by intense work is contagious and it inspires, motivates and encourages others to give their best. This creates a virtuous cycle that enables the team to accomplish extraordinary results, innovate and even transform itself if necessary.

5.The world-class quality that the market currently demands in all areas, as well as the presence of increasingly strict contracts, deadlines, and requirements all demand that we give the best of us and show what we are made of day in and day out, no excuses.

6.A professional’s reputation is based on the word-of-mouth that builds his or her brand, increases demand for their work and attracts more clients. Nothing has a more positive impact on our personal brand than excellence in our work, outstanding results and adding value. And the only way to do this – and sustain it over time – is putting all of our strength, intensity and commitment in our work, while steering clear of self-indulgence or mediocrity.

7.Our responsibility for doing a good job requires us to set aside any excuses, apathy, half-heartedness, laziness, grudges or complexes that lead us nowhere. Working intensely, passionately and with discipline, analyzing problems thoroughly and doing so with all of our hearts is vital to emerging as true professionals while making fewer mistakes and getting closer to success every day. And now, we all have to do so, for ourselves and the communities we live in.

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