Infographic: Seven Sins Against Your Personal Brand

Based on an article published in Aptitus magazine (Peru) on July 7, 2014.

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The name we have is a lifetime brand and it is in our best interest to take care of it. We must maintain its prestige and attain brand recognition. However, there are seven sins against your personal brand:

  1. Arrogance

Arrogance drives others away and is offensive. Looking down on others or feeling superior is not only unpleasant and even abusive to others, but is also very damaging to the arrogant person, their image, and relationships. Nothing justifies arrogance: neither success nor power, neither money nor great looks; not even an impressive résumé, a career full of promotions and achievements, and a flawless academic background. Arrogance is unforgivable (and an arrogant person is never forgiven anything) and destroys charisma.


  1. Complacency

Complacency leads us to become outdated or to fall behind, and can even deter us from being competitive. Believing that we are “fine just as we are”, that we no longer should or need to continue growing or investing in our profile, skills, abilities, and knowledge destroys our career and affects our personal brand. Even more so if we do not study, if we reject technology or settle for a poor command of a second language. Whoever falls into complacency forgets that all jobs are temporary and that we are solely responsible for the success and relevance of our personal brand.


  1. Unethical Conduct

Unethical conduct irreparably destroys a personal brand. It does away with trust and all credibility. Unethical people do business where there are conflicts of interest. They lie and deceive everyone (forgetting that they cannot deceive all the people all the time). They have no word and do not respect others. They are disloyal to current and past organizations, colleagues, and bosses. Many are shameless and conduct themselves without caring about their credibility or their long-term reputation. A brand like that is hopeless.


  1. Bad Results, Few Achievements

Failing to deliver results or generating little value or contributing little to results has a very negative impact on the value of a personal brand. As service providers, we sell the results of our work –not our time– and we depend on them for our career and our brand to continue. Whether due to lack of perseverance or sense of purpose, failing to meet established performance indicators irreparably affects our résumé, our brand, and our professional reputation.


  1. Neglecting Our Personal Image

Our personal image requires attention and care both online and in person. Bad habits, addictions, messy appearance, and lack of exercise or hygiene, as well improper language or a lack of manners or common courtesy, impact very negatively on our brand... with the risk of these negative images being recorded online forever, ready to be seen by anyone, at any time...


  1. Few Contacts

Lack of interest in others or indifference toward friends or co-workers leads to self-isolation and having a small and potentially poor network of trust. Those who ignore their friends and fail to maintain or develop their network of trust, risk being left with very few “advertisers” of their personal brand when life brings some unpleasant patches... and having to go through these without true friends at their side...


  1. Bad Attitude

A negative, overly critical or selfish person who does not care if others find satisfaction in their work or who neglects to give recognition to his or her people (both materially and emotionally) rarely has a good image or reputation. Bitter, bad-tempered, or surly people have no charisma, do not generate good will or affection in others, and always reap what they sow, damaging their brand, and therefore, their career and employability.